Lent – Tuesday – March 15

John 17:22

When Job’s friends challenge his faith in the midst of his unfolding troubles, he doesn’t argue with them. Instead, he boldly states, “To God, I would commit my cause.” Some days, it might seem as if our trust in God is so naïve as to be laughable to the world. In fact, some even say the content of our faith is totally irrelevant in the 21st century. We know this has been said of Christianity since Jesus walked the earth. But we need not be discouraged in the face of the challenges of living our lives by God’s promises. Rather, as Job did, we commit our cause to the Lord and move boldly into the world as we are led by God’s steadfast presence in the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, we thank you for leading us where you would have us serve. Amen.

From: Lent Devotional 2011 by Luther Seminary and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

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