Lent – Monday – April 4

Acts 9:1-20

For Paul (formerly Saul), darkness came before light. A zealous persecutor of the earliest Christians, Saul must have believed his oppression of Jesus’ followers was in line with God’s wishes. An encounter with a bright light on the road to Damascus was a powerful corrective. Only in the darkness could Paul see the light. Only in blindness could Paul’s eyes be opened. The risen Jesus takes Saul’s sight momentarily, but the Lord calls on Ananias to deliver a word and touch of healing. Saul’s reputation preceded him. Ananias had no interest in approaching this persecutor. Someone that Saul would have sought to persecute now comes to open his eyes anew, to help Saul receive the Holy Spirit. In this text, Saul’s blindness is a punishment of sorts but, more importantly, an opportunity for new vision. Saul’s eyes had to be closed for him to see the truth.

From: Lent Devotional 2011 by Luther Seminary and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

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